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Currently we are transforming our 1985 Toyota Van into our own unique homage to Albuquerque, NM.

We lived in Burque for 4 years from June 1998 to July 2002 and this is our way of saying we miss the landscape and especially the friends who influenced and loved us. To the right, this is the van in it's original condition when we picked it up in PA. In April of 1999 our friend and neighbor David, Roch and myself rode a Greyhound Bus from Burque to Philly (a very surreal story in itself.) We went there for the purpose of picking up the van from my parents. We then drove to Florida to pickup some of David's stuff at his family's home and finally drove back to NM.

When we moved back to Bucks County, PA in the summer of 2002, we missed the southwest.I felt the van being gold would be the perfect desert landscape color as a base. So I ripped and chemically removed all of the stripes and decoration. I masked off the bottom in the shape of the east and west horizons of ABQ and painted the sky blue with faint clouds. On the west side of ABQ sits 3 "sister" volcanoes that erupted and formed the basalt rock formation later used by the Native americans for Petroglyphs. The Petroglyph National Monument has inspired both Roch and myself in our art and our lives. It seemed only right to make the bottom third of the west side rocks (fleckstone spraypaint) with petroglyphs (real and made up)

Chris, Roch and David leaning on Original unpainted Van

The van, currently in process, still has work to be done. The rocks on the west side need more definition. The sky needs something...maybe a hot air balloon and some cumulus clouds. The Sandia Mountain needs plant life and modeling. I have indicated the Rio Grande with a green textured paint for a long oasis of trees lining it's shores. I intend to place the cityscape just above the treeline below the Sandias. The side facing east also should have some foreground xeriscape plants like a yucca, some sage or rosemary, and native grasses. I am even thinking seriously about applying sand with an adhesive for a more textured look.

The inside has also just begun t take on a new life. Several Dinosaurs have been affixed to the dash I am cotemplating applying sand to the dash as well for a more lanscaped look and perhaps a samll cactus or air plant for some foliage if I can find room that doesn't obstruct my view and air vents. The back consists of mostly small lizards and insects for Kaiden to name and enjoy. Who knows what that will transform into later. I hope to always have something new to add.

We are currently planning to revisit Albuquerque this August 2004. I really want it to be completed by then to show our friends how much we truly missed them. When we left, our son was 6 months old and we will be returning with a 2 1/2 year old. We have yet to meet David and Marys new addition Sawyer, Rubys little brother. Ruby can be seen at the end of the video titled "Abiogenesis Twisting Party."

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