Alpha Resource Center

Website redesign, maintenance, flash design and consultation services

Five Star Mulch

Logo and website designs

R and S
Equipment Repair

Website design and equipment updates

First Friday Doylestown

Initial website design

Central Bucks Farms

Logo design

Grinding Acres Farming

T-shirt Logo design

Al Chemical Burn

Performance flyer layout and design

Sage Femme Midwifery

Website redesign, maintenance, digital image scanning from birthing portfolio and consultation services

Hummingbird Midwifery

Flyer layout and design

LH Coverings

Logo, flyer and brochure design

Apsara Bellydance

Flyer and announcement layout and design

Jen Sincero

Internet Presence Packet research, layout and design

Edible Drama

Business card design photography and consultation services


Sponsor's poster designs for site specific installation art exhibition

Native American
Postcard Gallery

Digital image scanning project of 2438 original native American postcards for CD storage. Logo design, website design, and consultation services plus layout of digital postcard collection images for archival printing and sales

Fire Creek film and
video production

George W. Bush Presidential campaign 2000 interactive CD prototype design utilizing Macromedia Director

AC Fitness

Initial Website design

Animal Hospital

Website updates

Wren Technologies

Consultation services

Reference Laboratory

Logo design

Great American Stock

On site scanning and digital modification of photo slides plus layout manipulation of annual stock food photo collections catalog

Faux Real

Original website design and, digital scanning of business presentation portfolio including consultation services

Robert Morris College
- Art Dept.

Website design and maintenance


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