Eripa Design and Gallery has been an independantly owned business since 1998. The name Eripa is of no relation to any foreign (non-english) definitions or companies inside or outside of the US including businesses using acronyms that may spell eripa in any way. Any offensive material contained in this site was completely unintentioinal. The purpose of this site is to introduce the skills and accomplishments of the artists and designers for creative recognition and respect. Should you find anything included on this site offensive to you feel free to e-mail us with your comments. We will carefully review and possibly remove any material in question. We will also include a personalized email to the sender acknowledging any concerns, providing explanations and/or actions taken. Eripa.com does not lay claim to any prevously copywrited material nor does it sell anything that questions the boundaries of the copywrite law. All graphics, excluding affiliated hyperlink banners, found on this site are the original creation of eripa.com.

Some art work found on Eripa.com is work in progress. All art is for sale unless otherwise noted with NFS, Sold or Donation. Should an art work change, any intrested buyers will receive an updated image of the artwork before any purchase is finalized. Due to the limited web color palette some artwork may appear different in person than online.

Thank you.


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