E-commerce Services

If your business is looking to sell merchandise online several options are available. An online store traditionally has a Shopping cart feature that is essentially a tracking and payment program that assists your customers in navigating your site while managing their purchases. Payment options are also a concern and are variable in their application and ability.

Shopping Cart

Presently we prefer to use Mal's eCommerce as our shopping cart source. It is versatile in design application and simple to use by you and your customers. Designing your online store simply involves placing links in the form of buttons, a text hyperlink or images that indicate the ability to "Add to Cart", "Buy it Now" or just "Purchase" with your products. Upon clicking these links your customers will be led to a page displaying their current selections with the item recently added. They can then choose to adjust quantities, delete items, return to your site and continue shopping or move forward to the transaction page.

Once an order is placed you are notified immediately by email. The email will contain details about the customers contact information, the purchase order, and shipping preferences. Credit card and check details are collected using an SSL secured server. To collect the payment details, you must log-in at the Mal's e-Commerce website and download your order information using their SSL secured server. Mal's eCommerce offers online account management accessable from any location through any standard Web browser. It will translate up to 20 languages and supports most world currencies. Your online store is advertisement free except for a discreet logo link at the bottom of the page.

Online Payment Options

We can guide you through the process of setting up your business for online transactions. If you are thinking about establishing your online business with Eripa Desing Studio, please contact us before choosing your payment processing. We can assist you in finding banks and payment gateways are compatible with the shopping cart options you need. Accepting credit cards as a payment method requires that you have a merchant account unless you decide to use a third party such as paypal.com or internetsecure.com that allow you to process credit card transactions through their website.

PayPal is a useful and cost effective short-term alternative, offering clients online credit card purchase options without having to set up a merchant account immediatly. The drawback is that, although membership is free, customers have to first sign up with paypay before making an initial purchase. This could result in lost sales. Howerve, this can be a uesful option for merchants selling items online while promoting other items on auction webites such as Ebay.

A merchant account is not a business checking account. It is a special facility that is arranged with a credit card clearing bank that allows you to process card transactions through their facility. If you already have a merchant account, you can either clear transactions manually, after collecting the data from the shopping cart secure server, or conduct real-time online approval through a payment gateway such as Cybercash, Authoriznet in the US or secpay.com in the UK. Be sure to research different agents for the options that fit your needs. Always check for hidden costs like monthly charges and maintenance fees involved.


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