Pricing is and will always be a dominating factor is the decision making process of any project. Our function is to provide custom designs specific to your business needs and project preferences. Since it is very difficult to estimate the amount of time each project will take, charging a one-size-fits-all price, some clients would be overcharged, while others would be undercharged. Charging for the actual amount of time used is a more accurate method to use. Therefore, it is not our standard to have fixed pricing. Every project is unique and every design is original.

We are able to cusomize a variety of packages, schedules, and payment plans. We want to provide you with the services that match the needs and budget of your business. These services are meant to compliment your marketing agenda. Therefore, our designs will be the ambassadors to your business and speak to your customers for you.

For further pricing inquiries I often direct clients to the following websites:

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Additional Website Development Costs

Website Hosting Costs - Websites require a place to upload and store website files, called a "server", because it serves up files to users. A "host" is a company that has lots of servers and rents space available in units of megabytes(MB). The cost of website hosting runs around $5 to $20 a month depending upon which hosting company you select and which hosting plan size you sign up for. This site hosted by NextMill.

Domain Name Registration Costs - Domain names are the "" a website's official name. The cost of domain name registration is generally inexpensive and costs around $10 per year. While purchasing a website domain name is relatively simple, the selection of an appropriate domain name for your business is a critical decision and requires research and serious thought when initially naming a business based on domain name availability as well as the decision of whether it be a .com or .net if the .com suffix is not available. You can typically purchase a domain name from the same company you use for website hosting or even as part of the package offered. If the host you choose does not offer Domain Name purchase be sure to purchase your domain name(s) from a reputable domain registrar.

SSL Certificates and Unique IP Address - More complex sites may require SSL certificates if the website is collecting sensitive information and transmitting it. Clients who are installing an online store in which they collect credit card information, will need to purchase an SSL certificate and Unique IP Address. The cost of SSL certificates vary widely while a Unique IP Addresses will run around $5 per month.

Website Maintenance - Once your website development is completed, you may need additional changes to keep your website content current, or expand your website through adding new features. Website maintenance services are available on an as needed basis or in a variety of packages based on the needs of your business.


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