Project Planning

We understand that each business will have different ideas and expectations when searching for a Design Firm. At Eripa Design Studio we value the collaborative relationship we have with our clients. We understand that some of our clients already have an idea of what they want for their site design, while others are starting from scratch. Our Design Studio is prepared to help you develop your website no matter what stage you introduce us to your project and we pride ourselves in keeping you apprised of every step in your project's progress.


If you have already seen your business competition on the internet then you know a large variety of design techniques used to attract your potential customer base. We welcome you to direct us toward the types of websites that initially drew your attention, and that you believe will attract the customer base you desire. If, however, you have yet to do this research we will gladly present you with options our Design Studio feels will be aesthetically attractive to you potential customers. From this research and direction we can create a design to best serve your style and navigation needs.


Once we know what you are looking for we can discuss your project needs. In this stage we will present you with our project proposal detailing specifications, a time line and pricing. Should you decide to utilize Eripa Design Studio for your design project we will move forward under a contract outlining the individual terms of our agreement. It is after this point that we will begin to set-up your domain and hosting package if it has not already been established.


Based on our preliminary meeting we will present you with 3 design choices of your project. From these choices you will make decisions on text appearance, layout, image placement and color schemes if not previously discussed. For this presentation specialty coding for interactive use will be minimally represented in this stage and any text represented is there in simple form. Once you have chosen the details of a design that best fits your company's needs we will create a working model of your web site or other creative project.


In this stage the programming and fine detailing of your design project will take place. We will complete all web pages your site requires with images and style approved by you in the Design stage. Search Engine Optimization is also reccomended and best implimentd at this point in the project. All of your web pages text and links will be tested for errors then uploaded to a preview site. You will be given an opportunity at this point to view you project in its completed state. With your approval the design will then go live to your public under your company's domain name (ex. if your project is web based or to the printer for reproduction.


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