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With a variety of media, Roch Pisarek brings a unique look to work on paper. The materials Roch uses include everything from plain card stock, business postcard magazine inserts and museum pamphlets to tar paper old maps and found objects. Roch is constantly working every piece to find a desired aesthetic he finds not just within himself but also within the material. Materials containing preprinted text and images are prepared with gesso and sometimes utilized for thier specific layout. Roch also brings his knowlege of media to every piece working with anything from watercolor, acrylic and graphite to hot glue, wax, pigment or thread. The works range in size from smaller than a postcard to 12 foot long scrolls. Presently hundreds of pieces are lined up to be scanned or digitally photographed so be sure to check back. If you are interested in this work be sure to e-mail the artist at